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Sifter/Edged Screens

Universal Wire Cloth Co. masterfully constructs light as well as heavy-duty Sifter/Edged Screens for your separation and sizing application needs.

From standard sizes to custom screens requirements we certainly have over 45 years of experience making them all. We understand better than most the engineering and precise construction demands your project requires.

A few application examples include…

  • On the one hand, food processing has stringent state & federal regulations. In this case, we offer a high-temperature food-grade plastic alternative that is both safe and durable.
  • On the other hand, for more demanding applications such as mineral sifting, optional “wear” or “center” strips are available for additional stability. This change can significantly increase screen life and overall performance.
sifter/edged screen

In addition to our experience, we only offer quality materials to create the highest caliber sifter screens on the market today! Regardless of your industry or application needs, we are confident we will meet your project goals.

Check out a quick video of our sifter/edged screen manufacturing:

Frequently Asked Sifter/Edged Screen Questions

  1. Determine the wire cloth specification
  2. Verify the overall screen size
  3. Select edging material (Canvas, Vinyl, Metal, Standard or High Temp Plastic)
  4. Confirm additions such as grommet and wear/center strips as well as their placement.
  • Inspection and cutting of Wire Cloth
  • Edging material is heat-sealed to the top and bottom of the metal, creating a solid edge as well as center/wear strips.
  • Installation of Round or oval grommets
  • Finally, our sifting screens can include uniquely labeling noting material specifications for easy identification.

Comprehensive Inventory

Our comprehensive inventory of both wire cloth and wire mesh spans from a sizeable 4” opening to an ultra-fine 635 cloth with everything in between. Encompassing nearly 30,000 sq. ft of our main headquarters in Morrisville, Pennsylvania we warehouse countless rack space of various superior metals and alloys in a wide range of mesh styles, mesh counts, and openings. Whether you are looking for an item in Market Grade, Filter Grade, Bolting Cloth, Space Cloth, or something larger woven or welded we likely carry it!

Full & Partial Rolled Wire Cloth