An Alluring Aesthetic

Once limited to simple patterns, our loom equipment produces innovative and attractive woven styles for the architectural & design industries. Using a wider selection of metals and the capability to create custom weave patterns, our company has produced a variety of alluring products. This include decorative mesh for building facades, room accents, custom signage, fencing, guardrails and much more. Additionally, we can even work with you to design your own custom woven wire mesh. These architectural, designer & ornamental wire mesh products can incorporate stainless steel, brass, copper as well as other metals with varying openings and crimp types for a stunning result in or around any structure.

In addition, we also provide a variety of value-added features and services. For example, mesh sections can be cut to a desired shape for overhead or walkway signage as well as wall features for vestibules or foyers.

Architectural Wire Mesh


Accent is an architechtural mesh pattern using a combination of intercrimp and flat top weave styles with additional filler wires woven in parallel with the shute (width) wires.


With different wire diameters used in each direction, the resulting rectangular opening provides a unique and attractive appeal.


Based off an intercrimp construction, this mesh incorporates a doubled wire weave at varying locations to create different patterns.


The Echo weave style creates a square opening surrounded by series of smaller square and rectangular slots.


Horizon is an architectural mesh pattern using a combination of plain and lock crimp weave styles. Available in various metals, a rectangular opening is produced.


Intercrimp is similar to plain weave, but the intersections are more defined due to the crimp indentation.


Lagonda is an architectural mesh pattern using an intercrimp weave style. A triple set of intersections creates a rectangular slot.

Lock Crimp

This mesh style has very accurate opening dimensions and is commonly used in fencing and security applications.

Sample Kits

Multiple Wire Mesh Sample Kits are available for your reference. These kits highlight some of our most popular styles and variations. Additionally, you have the option to build your own kit using specifications from other kits.

Virtual “e-samples” can also be created for convenient and timely inspection before approving an order.

Architectural Wire Mesh

Featured Project

Our woven mesh products, designed explicitly for the architectural and design industries, can take a simple interior or exterior area and transform it into something remarkable. From fortune 500 company headquarters, sports complexes, and hotel lobbies to custom cabinet mesh with a desired level of transparency, find out why Universal Wire Cloth is one of the premier designer mesh sources in the country.