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Superior Quality Woven Wire Mesh

Universal Wire Cloth Co. is a proud source for many other businesses, industrial suppliers, and direct consumers. We are recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of superior quality woven wire mesh in the country.

There are many steps in the weaving process that involve tooling, calibration, and of course craftsmanship. A meticulous series of EDM wire-cut crimping wheels & machines, quality raw wire, weaving looms, and the best operators in the industry come together to provide our customers with the finest woven goods on the market today.

In particular, there are three main categories for this style of woven material:

  • Industrial / Commerical – Generally, considered “standards” in our industry, these are some of the most popular specifications of Intercrimp & Lock Crimp weaves in both Stainless Steel and Aluminum.
  • Architectural / Designer / Ornamental – Decorative Wire Mesh incorporating exotic metals and varying combinations of wire diameters and weave styles. As a result, an alluring product that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Custom – Our full capabilities to create or match a desired woven product. In particular, this includes a careful balance of material selection, wire diameter choice, opening preference (space or centers), and weave style.

Our wire mesh is popular in commercial, industrial, and architectural applications. These include building facades, lobby enhancements, and signage accents. Railing and fencing contractors use our woven mesh to enhance the interior & exterior of a project site. In the same manner, handrail and guardrail construction incorporates our mesh infill panel inserts as well. Additionally, sizing applications use coarse wire mesh screens in their production process. In other words, the list goes on and on.

Custom Weaving Capabilities

Pre-crimped woven wire mesh is made of wires that have been crimped prior to the weaving procedure. This process provides strength and greater consistency in the openings of the mesh. We use state-of-the-art custom equipment, designed and built in-house, to take manufacturing of pre-crimped cloth to the most advanced levels possible producing an extremely accurate finished product.

With our custom weaving capabilities, various combinations of crimp styles can be used to construct unique-looking patterns. The results are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. While a square opening orientation is most common, rectangular slotted variations are available too. If you can design it, chances are our operation may be able to create it.

Custom Woven Wire Mesh

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Woven Wire Mesh FAQs

Woven Wire Mesh is used for a variety of applications such as fencing, guardrails, aggregate sizing, and sifting. To learn more click here –