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Durable, Strong & Rigid

Welded wire mesh has intersecting rows and columns of wire that are resistance welded at the intersection to form a grid. Because the wires are fused together, the mesh is incredibly strong and rigid ensuring a long-lasting product. Various steel compositions and opening sizes are available, as well as galvanized and hot dipped coatings options. Edges can be left untrimmed, trimmed or have equal stubs upon your request. With so many different options available we can help you make the appropriate selection for your project.

This material is often found in agricultural fencing and security partitions. Also, welded mesh is used within air filtration and ventilation systems together with protective fan guards. From multi-use rolls of hardware cloth which can be slit down to an exact width, to substantial quantities of welded wire mesh sheets with a larger opening, we can fulfill your order.

Hardware Cloth

One of most versatile types of welded wire mesh is also known as Hardware Cloth. Popular for it’s cost and availability this multi-use material has a zinc coating to withstand corrosion due to the elements. Used in construction, home improvements, gardening, and critter control fencing galvanized hardware cloth is available in standard coils ranging from 2’– 6’ as well custom as widths, lengths and pieces.

UWC also carries a Galvanized after WOVEN alternative which has all the same attributes of welded just in a different wire mesh construction style.


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