Wire Cloth vs. Wire Mesh

Though many people may be unaware or even confused, the terms wire cloth and wire mesh are used synonymously in the industry to describe the same product. We here at Universal Wire Cloth Co. like to make the distinction between the two since we stock and manufacture such a large selection of specifications. Also, we find it helpful when guiding our customers to make a proper selection.

An easy way to view this is Wire Cloth can be identified by its finer consistency with small to very small micronic openings that are used in applications such as screening and filtration. While Wire Mesh on the other hand, is typically coarser in nature with larger openings that is often found in aggregate operations and security solutions.

Wire Cloth

Wire Mesh

Comprehensive Inventory

Our comprehensive inventory of both wire cloth and wire mesh spans from a sizeable 4” opening to an ultra-fine 635 cloth with everything in between. Encompassing nearly 30,000 sq. ft of our main headquarters in Morrisville, Pennsylvania we warehouse countless rack space of various superior metals and alloys in a wide range of mesh styles, mesh counts and openings. If you are looking for an item in Market Grade, Filter Grade, Bolting Cloth, Space Cloth or something larger woven or welded we likely carry it or can source it for you!


Energy & Power Generation
Water Treatment


Filtration & Separation
Food & Beverage
Insect & Critter Control