Discs, Shapes & Stamped Parts

Various disc sizes, shapes and parts can be stamped to your exact parameters with the ability to include notching and holes in specific locations. Click here to learn more about our stamping capabilities.

Have a specific requirement? Contact us today to learn about available options and price breaks for greater quantities!

Infill Panels

Universal Wire Cloth Co. routinely fabricates standard as well as custom designed infill paneling for use in industrial, commercial and architectural applications. This frame or border surrounding a wire mesh insert typically serves as both a protective barrier and a visual statement if desired. Often found under hand railings on stairs, along walkways and building facades, our wire mesh and infill panels are the perfect combination for your project.

Screen Sections

With over 40 years’ experience fabricating a wide array of screen sections, Universal Wire Cloth Co. remains the premier manufacturer of screening services in the country. Our processes are tried & true and have been a significant contributor to our fabrication division growth. We mass produce shaker screens for vibratory equipment using various hooked and edging styles. We also assemble sifting screens along with fine and coarse mesh bound separator rings to your required guidelines. Additionally, through our OEM replacement option, customers can have their old rings and frames rescreened with new wire cloth.

Wire Cloth Sifter Screen

Baskets, Trays & Fabricated Parts

Our organization continues to manufacture production runs of standard size baskets, trays and fabricated parts for mixed applications. We can also help our customers materialize their unique and custom designed requests. If you can provide us with your end goal and the dimensions, we can help you determine the materials and complete the fabrication provisions to create your product.

Typical parts that we produce include baskets for heat treating processes, trays, liners, rolled and formed parts. We can bend or shape your item and even weld a support frame with or without handles.


Thousands of cylinders are assembled every year here at our Morrisville location. Universal Wire Cloth Co. has the capability to construct tiny cylinders approximately in range from .25” diameter using a very fine wire cloth all the way up to larger measurements using heavy or coarse wire mesh in various lengths. From open or closed ended tubeshapes to specific welding and edging details we have the experience and know how to effectively turn out any rolled cylinder.

Test Sieves

Universal Wire Cloth Co.’s test sieves and sieving equipment offer the highest level of accuracy, reliability & quality period.

All U.S. standard sizes as well as parts and certification services are available to accommodate your particle analysis from the finest of powders to hefty aggregate materials.

Cages, Enclosures, Partitions, Barriers & Security Solutions

Universal Wire Cloth Co.’s extensive fabrication capabilities combined with our capacity to custom weave/weld various wire mesh specifications allows us the ability to manufacture a variety of products for security solutions. Our client base includes local, state and federal correctional facilities as well as certified installers to supply standard and custom-made materials for all security levels. This includes material for correctional recreation cages in addition to fencing & barriers for detention centers. Our company has also produced animal enclosures and pens, such as primate housing for Zoo’s in addition to Aviary cages that house exotic birds and much more.

For commercial and residential applications, our wire mesh is fabricated to create partitions as well as protective window guards to deter from burglary and damaging winds. Wire mesh has often been applied for many safety uses, however custom woven patterns can be designed to be attractive as well as effective. These architectural designs employing custom specifications are becoming increasingly popular wherever an alternative to standard options allows.