Custom Packaging

As part of our Quality Assurance program, each and every order that leaves our facility is custom packaged to ensure shipping integrity during transit.

This process begins with reviewing shipping specifics ( i.e. material must ship flat or be rolled up, materiel must ship in a crate etc.) then checking quantity and size of the items on each order. If needed, some items may be packaged individually with variety of packaging materials. The next step typically involves building a pallet slightly larger than the size of largest item on that particular order. That’s right, we take 1″ x 4″ & 2″ x 4″ pine boards and cut them to size to construct a pallet just for your order. We do this so that your items fit on the pallet perfectly to avoid any item hangover. Your items are then carefully placed on this pallet surrounded by an additional corrugated layer, banded together with supporting wood and finally shrink wrapped before getting the final package dimensions and weight.

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Wire Mesh Packing
Wire Cloth Packing

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, please contact us to discuss any special packaging needs to accommodate your requirements.  Additional charges my apply.

Yes, just like consolidating material for shipping we can also consolidate orders for packaging as well. Packaging multiple orders together can save from additional freight costs.

Yes, we recommend it and have made it part of our order process. We feel this is a necessary step so that your shipment has the safest chance to arrive in tact.

Most times we factor this cost into your overall purchase. However, due to rising material costs an additional fee may be required.

Your order will be marked to your desired destination and from our Morrisville location unless otherwise discussed.  In terms of blind shipping NO Universal Wire Cloth names or labels will be used aside from our physical address. Additionally, some orders may need to be individually packaged and marked with order information that we will be happy to accommodate.