Our Commitment to Sustainability

Universal Wire Cloth Co. makes every effort possible to reduce our impact on the environment. We work with local recycling companies to make sure metals & alloys as well as wood, cardboard, paper and eligible plastics are all ethically disposed of. That’s what sustainability is all about!

Our refined internal processes allow us to meticulously plan out material usage throughout our various departments to minimize leftover scrap material. Wire remnants which account for less than 3% off our total weaving process is collected for reprocessing along with any unused drop-off metals from our sheering and stamping fabrications.

Universal Wire Cloth Co. also carefully monitors water, energy and gas usage. When appropriate we will forgo automated operations and preform manual procedures in our fabrication services to reduce our energy consumption. Though this may take us a little more time we feel this small change can add up. Additionally, our local delivery services are condensed and mapped out to reduce carbon emissions.

For the future we continue to refine our operations and remain flexible for green initiatives.