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Our fabrication services division spans over 30,000 sq. ft of our main headquarters. Here we house computer-guided equipment, finely tuned heavy machinery and expertly calibrated hand tools. This arsenal contains punch presses, automated sheers, brakes, rollers as well as various other instruments. Additionally, we offer sandblasting as a part of our OEM replacement screening services to completely prep frames and rings.

We also produce our own tooling! Our EDM machine precisely wire cuts numerically accurate grooves in steel blanks to create the crimping wheel profile for our weaving process.

The most important aspect of our fabrication services is our team. Each craftsman trains meticulously in a variety of skills and techniques ensuring completion of any fabrication task.

Whatever your project calls for from cutting, slitting, stamping, forming or welding, UWC has got your covered!

fabrication services spans over 30,000 sq ft.

Cutting & Shearing

One of our busiest areas in our fabrication services is cutting & shearing. No matter what dimension, orientation or quantity your project demands we have the resources to complete your job perfectly while offering very competitive pricing. Our materials can be cropped to straight dimensions or laser cut to a specific design pattern. For finer material, plasma cutting is available to flawlessly seal the edge of the wire cloth. Not only do we trim straight, but your item can be cut into complete circles in varying sizes from small to large diameters. Wire Mesh can also be shear cut on a 45-degree bias that finishes with a square diamond pattern that has a completely different appearance.

Coarser material and smaller volumes tend to lean toward a more artisanal approach by hand or guillotine shearing. While Wire Cloth and higher quantity orders call for a more modernized undertaking. Here high-speed automatic air shearing machines are utilized. This procedure is very similar to our stamping operation, but instead, after the item is finished being slit down in our precision equipment it is fed into one of our shearing devices that have fixed tooling to cut the material very accurately with a high degree of speed.

Wire Mesh Cutting

Wire Mesh Shearing

Wire Mesh Shearing Services

Wire Mesh Cutting Services

Laser Wire Mesh Cutting


Precision and speed combined with operator skills produce high quality, accurate slit to size, wire mesh coils. Our custom designed Wire Mesh Slitting machines can handle rolls up to 62″ in width and have the capability to slit coils as small as 2″ wide. Our equipment can maintain accuracy within +/- 1/32″ tolerance.

Slitting of Wire Cloth is truly an art as this operation depends on the skill of an operator as he maintains a specific “feel” for the mesh as it runs through the cutting blades. Wire Mesh tends to have “play” or “flexibility” to it which can allow the material to shift itself during the slitting action. With the addition of optical scanners, our machines “watch” the mesh edges and continually shifts the material to maintain a straight, accurate feed into the cutting blades. A precision “take up” rewinds the individual slit coils onto cardboard cores to turn out a uniform straight coil. This “take up” system relies on pressure readings which maintain specific tension during the rewind process. Each coil maintains its own individual tension which forms consistently uniform coils.

Wire Mesh Slitting Services

Wire Cloth Slitting

Wire Mesh Slit Coils

Stamping & Notching

Universal Wire Cloth Co. operates several types of punch presses from as small as 2 tons up to a 55-ton unit that includes a big bed capacity for larger size parts. Our presses also have modern hitch feeders for increased production speeds. Inexpensive “short-run” tooling for small quantity items can be created or for greater volumes high production solid tooling can be furnished. This equipment allows us to make practically any shape in any material that is less than or equal to a 28” x 18” blank size. The parts routinely produced are various shapes, discs, in addition to intricate formed parts with notching.

Wire Mesh Stamping

Wire Mesh Stamping Coils

Wire Mesh Sheet Stamping

Wire Mesh Notching

Wire Mesh Edge Notching

Wire Mesh Stamping & Notching


Our Press and Apron Brake machines can bend material to your specification. Our forming capabilities allow us to turn out bowls, colanders and similar shapes. These machines are also used in our edging production to bend metal stock to create our ever-popular hooked screens often use for sizing and sifting in vibratory equipment.


Whether it is a simple seam that is resistance-welded or a more complex & close tolerance part that requires MIG or TIG welding, our company has the necessary equipment and expertise to handle them in-house. We also offer soldering as an alternative option for more delicate situations.

For those who are unaware, Welding is truly an artform that takes a great deal of patience and knowledge. Different metals have varying heat properties that require designated techniques to be fused properly to maintain integrity and for appearance purposes. As part of this activity all areas are inspected for complete fusion and consistency. This process is followed by a thorough cleaning and polishing before a final inspection.

Some of our most common requests here include spot welding a section to construct a continually seemed cylinder, tac welding handles on to baskets or trays and TIG welding the corners of Wire Mesh infilling paneling accompanied by support tabs for a turnkey installation.

Wire Mesh Welding

Welded Wire Mesh Panel
Wire Mesh Panel Soldering
Cylindrical Wire Mesh Filter


Universal Wire Cloth Co. offers several edging options that include hooked, metal, canvas, plastic and vinyl varieties. Each of these materials are carefully inspected and expertly applied to ensure quality and performance.

Hooked screens are fabricated with quality metal strips using one of our press brakes. Here the main screen section with or without additional edging options are sandwiched between the strips and bent to the desired hook profile. For metal bound edging like our infill panels, metal stock is used to form a channel to surround the perimeter of the mesh insert then pressed firmly into place using our press brake once again.

Flexible edging material options are applied using a combination of heat and pressure via hand tools and custom-built machines that efficiently adhere the edging to the mesh. Though cotton canvas and food grade PVC are common edging typically applied to our sifting screen sections, additional options for higher temperature applications are also available as well as grommet installation.

Have a different requirement? Contact Us today! To learn more about our edging options. Click the button below to learn more.

Wire Mesh Edging

Wire Mesh Edging Material

Metal Mesh Edging

Wire Mesh Edging Services

Custom Wire Mesh Edging

Rolling & Straightening

For more ridged and course meshes, our rolling machines allow us the ability to straighten out material that may have a slight cast or curve due a previous coiled state. This procedure is the first step to ensure exact measurements and to gently flatten material as needed. Alternatively, these machines also help to re-roll the mesh with consistent tension for staging and shipping purposes. Material can also be formed to create partial or complete cylinders using this equipment as well.