OEM Replacement Screens

Did your screen section just break down during the most crucial of production times? We can recreate or even “re-screen” your item to its exact specification with our OEM replacement services. We stock an extensive inventory of wire cloth and parts to fit your original equipment parameters or can strip down your old frame and prep it for new material. With decades of experience and a full-service fabrication shop, Universal Wire Cloth can get you back up and running in no time.

Production output not quite optimal and looking for recommendations? We can also offer suggestions with your current set up to improve performance yield and material duration to provide you with future cost reduction savings. After reviewing current Wire Cloth conditions and your application demands we may be able to recommend alternatives to achieve improved results.

From rescreening your separator rings for continued periods of effectiveness to adding backing meshes for increased reinforcement, our OEM replacement service is backed by decades of experience and resources to keep our customers best interests in mind.

Separator Screens

Universal Wire Cloth Co. expertly fabricates both fine wire cloth and coarse mesh bound Separator Screens for your particle separation and sizing application needs. We carry a large inventory of new stainless-steel ring sizes from 18″ up to and including 72″ diameter, with or without a center hole. Our rings accurately replace OEM screens equivalent to all the leading manufacturers such as Sweco®, Kason®, Midwestern®, & Telsonic® just to name a few. We also can fabricate rectangular frames to your exact requirements.

The material face can incorporate a variety of stainless steel specifications as well as backing meshes if needed. We evenly stretch our separator screens and use precision calibrated serimeters to measure specific points confirming quality assurance. This process assures proper tension for optimal wear. The frame body is then ready for adhesion. Our custom designed mixing and dispensing equipment accurately applies a uniform bead of high strength epoxy resin to the surface of the frame to bond the pretension material securely. Additionally, we can also weld screens directly to the frame. Excess material is then trimmed ensuring a fine end product.

Wire Mesh Separator Screen

Sifter Screens

When it comes to sifting screen sections, UWC has made them in all shapes and sizes. We understand better than most the engineering and precise application demand your project requires. Food processing have extremely strict state & federal regulations. For this, we offer a high temperature heat-sealed food grade plastic alternative that is both safe and durable. For more taxing applications such as mineral sifting optional “wear” or “center” strips can be applied to any area on the screens, which can increase their life and overall performance. Holes can also be punched in strategic places and round or oval grommets can be installed for proper installation for your existing equipment. All of our sifting screens can be uniquely marked with complete material specifications for easy identification, before AND after the screen is used.

Regardless of your application only quality metal, canvas, plastics, and vinyl are applied to your mesh selection to create the highest quality sifting screen section on the market.

Shaker / Vibratory / Hooked Screens

Our shaker screens come in a variety of hook styles to meet your vibratory and aggregate equipment guidelines. Not only do we produce a standard line of hook edges; we can also create a custom profile to fit your distinct sifting and sizing needs. Our stock offers a wide range of mesh specifications to construct the screen section itself and we can reinforce these with backing meshes to withstand the demand of your industrial application.