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Wire Cloth Stock

Universal Wire Cloth Company maintains one of the largest and most varied inventories in the country. The materials that comprise our stock include, but are not limited to Stainless Steel, Plain Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, High Carbon Abrasion Resistant Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, and Epoxy Coated metals in a diverse range of mesh counts and openings. Our extensive inventory allows us to offer expedited shipping on full & partial rolled goods in addition to cut-to-size pieces, wire mesh sheets, and stamped discs.

Wire Mesh Products

As a supplier as well as a direct to consumer business, we manufacture wire mesh products for numerous industries that range from industrial grade wire cloth for sizing & filtration to security solutions and architectural applications. Whether you are looking for custom woven wire mesh inserts for bridge & walkway infill paneling, slit-to-width rolls of hardware cloth or fully certified test sieves, the quality of our wire mesh products will exceed your expectations.

Our inventory and weaving/welding capacity combined with our fabrication capabilities allow us to produce turnkey products at competitive prices. Our customers receive superior wire mesh goods made to the exact requirements, delivered on-time and on-budget.

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Fabrication Services

Our computer-controlled equipment, in collaboration with the careful eye and craftsmanship of the operator, make our fabrication services top of the line. Before/After each production run, our quality assurance team reviews job descriptions, materials and tooling verifying adherence to strict internal standards providing our customers with the highest caliber result. Our shop features saws, shears, brakes, presses, rollers, and welding machines to accommodate virtually any wire cloth fabrication project. This includes a variety of screen section options with or without edging and cylinder manufacturing.

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Fabrication Services

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Wire Mesh Manufacturer

Universal Wire Cloth is a wire mesh manufacturer based out of Morrisville, PA.