Elevate Security and Design with Universal Wire Cloth’s Premium Wire Mesh

At Universal Wire Cloth, we pride ourselves on delivering versatile, high-quality wire mesh solutions. Explore the diverse applications of wire mesh in fencing and railing to enhance security, aesthetics, and functionality around your residential and commercial projects.

Applications of Wire Mesh in Fencing & Railing

1. Security Purposes:
Wire mesh is a robust choice for fencing and along walkways, providing a secure perimeter for your property. Our welded and woven wire mesh options cater to various specific needs, ensuring optimal security.

2. Infill Panels for Railing:
Discover the perfect blend of security and design with our wire mesh infill panels. Ideal for walkways and large infrastructures, these panels offer both protection and visual appeal.

3. Corrections & Security Agencies:
Used as barriers, partitions, and enclosures, our wire mesh meets the stringent requirements of corrections and security agencies.

4. Building Materials:
Elevate your projects with wire mesh specifically designed for fencing and railing. Utilize wire mesh for walkway fencing, infill paneling, and other architectural enhancements.

security perimeter fence

railing mesh

Infill Panels: Where Security Meets Design

Universal Wire Cloth specializes in fabricating both standard and custom-designed infill paneling, ideal for a wide array of industrial, commercial, and architectural applications. These panels, featuring a frame or border surrounding a wire mesh insert, serve both as protective barriers and captivating visual statements.

Discover the perfect combination of security and design with our wire mesh and infill panels. Whether under hand railings on stairs, along walkways, or enhancing building facades, Universal Wire Cloth brings your project to the next level.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Wire Mesh for Fencing & Railing

Selecting the right wire mesh is crucial for achieving optimal results in your fencing and railing projects. Consider the following factors to ensure the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal:

1. Material:

Choose from a variety of materials such as stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and copper. Each material offers unique properties suited for specific applications and environmental conditions.

2. Mesh Construction:

Opt for the appropriate mesh construction, whether welded or woven, based on the specific requirements of your fencing and railing project. Welded wire mesh provides stability, while a variety of woven wire mesh styles offer versatility and aesthetic appeal.

3. Opening Size:

Determine the ideal mesh opening size based on the intended purpose. Smaller openings enhance security, while larger openings can be aesthetically pleasing and provide better visibility.

4. Wire Diameter and Crimp Styles:

Consider the thickness of the wire and explore various crimp styles. The wire diameter impacts the strength and durability of the mesh, while different crimp styles, such as lock crimp or intercrimp, contribute to the overall stability and appearance of the wire mesh.

5. Piece Size and Quantity:

Calculate the dimensions of the wire mesh pieces needed for your project and determine the quantity required for complete coverage. Accurate measurements ensure a seamless and secure installation.

6. Additional Options:

If your project involves infill paneling, explore additional options to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your wire mesh, such as:

Mounting Tabs: Facilitate the installation process by including mounting tabs for secure attachment.

Drain Holes: In exterior applications, consider adding drain holes to allow water drainage, preventing potential water buildup.

Powder Coating: Enhance the longevity and appearance of your wire mesh by opting for powder coating, providing a protective and visually appealing finish.