Lock Crimp Wire Mesh

Lock Crimp Wire Mesh have defined crimps at each intersection creating a tight wire joining that resists movement. As a result, it often can replace Welded mesh in many applications since both styles are strong, durable and have very accurate openings. However, a woven construction allows for some more flexibility in your material selection. For instance…

  • A completely different visual aesthetic
  • A variety of metal & alloy options that can be woven in either rolls or sheets to your exact requirement.
  • Consider cost difference between woven over welded material.

Ready to enhance your walkway, staircase or fencing? Looking to protect and secure areas of your property? Check out our Lock Crimp Wire Mesh today to complete your guardrail infill or metal panel project.

Similarly, learn more on our Industrial Standards page. Here you will find many popular specifications such as:

  • 2″ Opening .250″ Diameter Wire
  • 1″ Opening .120″ Diameter Wire
  • 1/4″ Opening .080″ Diameter Wire

We also have additional custom weaving options for your consideration.

Lock Crimp Wire Mesh Infill Panel

Want to compare a few options and would like a small piece of material to review? Various Sample Kits are available to guide you in this process.

Be sure to check out and subscribe to our Youtube channel. We will be posting a series of our woven wire mesh manufacturing styles periodically.