Wire Mesh Fencing

Looking for something different than standard chainlink or wrought iron? Wire Mesh Fencing is a great alternative that is both strong and visually appealing. More and more architects, contractors, and homeowners are using this product not only along property lines but for walkways as well. In the same manner, many businesses, and state & federal buildings already have them in place.

This type of material is also great for Guardrails or Wire Mesh Railing. These mesh wire panels are typically under handrails along staircases, decks, and patios. They will certainly enhance and protect the areas inside and outside of restaurants, retail department stores, and entertainment complexes. As a matter of fact, you likely walked by one today and didn’t even notice!

Material Selection

Many assorted metals & alloys are available to choose from:

  • For exterior applications, Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel are both great materials able to withstand the elements. In the same manner, Aluminum is also another great metal to consider as it is very light and easy to work with.
  • For interior applications, Plain Carbon Steel is a perfect choice. Cost-effective and strong this material has a great industrial look in its natural state or painted to your preference.
Mesh Varieties
  • Custom Woven Specifications – Capable of meeting or getting very close to your exact requirement using a space or center preference. In addition to a variety of weave options such as our Lock Crimp x Plain Weave option.
  • Welded Wire Mesh – Strong construction that uses fusion welding at each wire intersection.
Need a Wire Mesh Fencing Supplier?

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Wire Mesh Fencing