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Vibratory Separator Screens – Rings or Frames

Vibratory Screens are an essential piece of hardware for particle separation as well as the material sizing process. Although there are many choices out there, we want to show you why we are certainly the best! Here are some key considerations:

Why choose Universal Wire Cloth Co.?
  • Above all, we have over 45 years’ experience manufacturing both vibratory ring screens as well as frames. Not to mention our shop has custom-designed screening equipment. As a result, we offer superior screening products at competitive pricing.
  • We carry a large selection of new stainless-steel ring sizes from 18″ up to and including 72″ diameter, with or without a center hole.
  • Extensive inventory of mesh specifications and parts to fit your original equipment parameters.
  • Comparatively, our separator screens match or exceed our competitors including the O.E.M. such as Sweco®.
  • We can strip down your old frame and prep it for new material. That’s right we can recreate or even “re-screen” your item to its exact requirements with our OEM wire screening replacement services! This is an especially green and cost-saving option.
What are the steps to make Vibratory Screens?
  1. Determine the wire cloth or wire mesh specification. The material face can incorporate a variety of stainless steel specifications in addition to backing meshes if needed.
  2. For wire cloth vibratory screens, we evenly stretch the material and use precision-calibrated serimeters to measure specific points for conformity. This process assures equal tension for optimal wear accordingly.
  3. At this point, the frame body is then ready for adhesion. Our custom-designed mixing and dispensing equipment accurately applies a uniform bead of high-strength epoxy resin to the surface of the frame to bond the pretension material securely.
  4. Removal of excess material is the final step ensuring a fine end product.
  5. For wire mesh vibratory screens the material is welded directly to the frame and ready to withstand a variety of aggregate applications.

See our quick video below of this manufacturing process:

Frequently Asked Vibratory Separator Screen Questions

The cost varies, it is based on many factors such as the mesh specifications used in the construction.

Generally, the answer is yes! It can be reused if the ring or frame is in good condition. This is a great cost-saving option we offer.

Comprehensive Inventory

Our comprehensive inventory of both wire cloth and wire mesh spans from a sizeable 4” opening to an ultra-fine 635 cloth with everything in between. Encompassing nearly 30,000 sq. ft of our main headquarters in Morrisville, Pennsylvania we warehouse countless rack space of various superior metals and alloys in a wide range of mesh styles, mesh counts, and openings. Whether you are looking for an item in Market Grade, Filter Grade, Bolting Cloth, Space Cloth, or something larger woven or welded we likely carry it!

Full & Partial Rolled Wire Cloth