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Shaker/Hooked Screens

Universal Wire Cloth Co. Shaker/Hooked Screens are expertly manufactured to fit corresponding machines from all leading equipment manufacturers. A combination of quality materials, experience, and craftsmanship all come together to produce the highest caliber Shaker Screens on the market today.

Our Shaker/Hooked Screens are available in lengths up to 120” with any number of mesh specifications from our extensive library. Construction first begins with the material inspection, measurements, and cutting to size. Once completed, the edge begins to shape by folding the mesh on every side making a perfect crisp border. Next, we meticulously align the appropriate edging materials. For the hooks themselves, we generally use 18 gauge galvanized or stainless steel.  Finally, the forming process for the proper hook profile starts. Additional options such as backing meshes, custom hook profiles, and if applicable supporting canvas and metal inserts are also available to add additional durability.

See our quick video below of this manufacturing process:

Standard Hook Styles:

  • U1 – This hook edge is formed by the wire mesh itself using a .312” wire diameter or greater.  A welded metal brace is also available for additional stability.
  • U2 – This hook style is for wire diameters ranging from .063” to .250”. An additional canvas edge can also be applied to some mesh specifications.  
  • U3 – This hook style is for wire diameters ranging from .054” and lighter. It is similar to a U2 hook and includes a metal insert for greater strength due to the thinner wires in the mesh.  An additional canvas edge can also be applied for further screen stability.  
  • U5 – This “C” shape hook profile is for wire diameters ranging from .063” and lighter.  Canvas and metal inserts are also available options to increase overall screen strength.  
  • Ucx – This hook style uses copper as the main edging material which conducts electricity creating heat for brick-and-mortar manufacturing.  

Frequently Asked Sifter Screen Questions

  1. Determine the wire cloth specification
  2. Verify the overall screen size
  3. Confirm the hook profile and material required
  4. Confirm additions such as backing meshes, canvas edging, etc.
  • Inspection, measuring, and cutting of materials
  • Folding the mesh edges
  • Arranging and securing all materials in place
  • Finally, forming the desired hook profile

Comprehensive Inventory

Our comprehensive inventory of both wire cloth and wire mesh spans from a sizeable 4” opening to an ultra-fine 635 cloth with everything in between. Encompassing nearly 30,000 sq. ft of our main headquarters in Morrisville, Pennsylvania we warehouse countless rack space of various superior metals and alloys in a wide range of mesh styles, mesh counts, and openings. Whether you are looking for an item in Market Grade, Filter Grade, Bolting Cloth, Space Cloth, or something larger woven or welded we likely carry it!

Full & Partial Rolled Wire Cloth