Wire Mesh Infill Panels: What Are They and Their Types?

Wire Mesh Infill Panels

Wire mesh infills are functional and relatively lightweight compared to other metal paneling options. They provide a unique look and are used as an effective protective barrier in industrial, residential, and commercial building designs. You’ll often come across these panels at homes, offices, zoos, schools, parks, entertainment complexes, and other locations.

There are two varieties of infill panels, and these are:

Welded Wire Mesh Infill Panels

Welded wire mesh infill panels incorporate wire mesh fused at each intersection. Depending on the application and material requirement, this option could be cost-effective. Although its appearance isn’t as aesthetic as the woven version, these offer strength and versatility. See our welded wire mesh capabilities.

Woven Wire Mesh Infill Panels

Woven wire mesh infill panels are constructed using wire mesh with crimped wires woven at the intersections. This type of construction allows for many more material and crimp options giving it an upscale look that is great for residential and architectural installations. You can learn more about woven wire mesh here.

When choosing a wire mesh infill panel, it is crucial to consider the mesh size and count to fit your needs. These products can also be made from corrosion-resistant materials, making it a maintenance-free product.

Wire Mesh Infill Panel Uses

These panels can be used for guard rails along walkways, decks, promenades, etc. They help keep people and animals safe, particularly in busy areas. You may see these at a sports park or a zoo helping to keep people from inadvertently heading into unsafe or unsafe areas for the general public.


Every project that needs this product will have specific customization requirements needed for that project. The material used, length and height required, opening size and diameter of the wire will all vary from project to project. Our team can help to answer any questions you have about the specific needs of your project. Click on the link to learn more about our custom wire mesh weaving options.

Wire Mesh Infill Panels Industrial Standards

For some industries and use cases (Railing, security, mining as examples), specific industrial standards need to be met for wire mesh. We have a dedicated division focused specifically on producing woven wire mesh to the industry standard specifications. You can learn more about our capabilities here

Architectural Wire Mesh Infill Panels

We can produce a wide variety of architectural panels incorporating different materials and patterns to provide an artistic flare to your project. Some of the wire mesh patterns we can produce include: Accent, Barchetta, Cordia, Echo, Horizon, Intercrimp, Lagonda, and Lock Crimp.

These panels look great, are lightweight, and are an excellent solution to traditional, boring masonry and concrete options. UWC can provide a wide variety of these products for your next project. Contact our team today to have a helpful expert answer any questions that you may have.