Universal Wire Cloth is one of the leading industrial and commercial wire cloth manufacturers, both nationally and in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Our in-house custom weave mesh capabilities allow us to work with you directly to create custom woven wire mesh products to your precise specifications. In addition to the wide selection of metals, including steel, plain steel, galvanized, aluminum, monel, inconel, copper, and brass, Universal Wire Cloth can fabricate any kind of weaving pattern necessary, including:

  • Intercrimp
  • Lockcrimp
  • Long Slot
  • Lockcrimp/Plain Weave
  • Flat Top Weave
  • Plain Weave

Preliminary samples can be made available before a final run to ensure approval. You can even obtain a virtual ‘e-sample’ sent to you directly via email for a quick evaluation that saves time and guarantees satisfaction. Additional services include bending and forming to specific radii, as well as rolling, flattening, and straightening. As a high end industrial and commercial wire cloth manufacturer, Universal Wire Cloth is also pleased to provide custom welding of any type—stick, tig, mig, or resistance—as needed. Other custom weave mesh capabilities include framing edges for a precise and architectural look, circle cut panels of varying diameters, custom fabrications, and quality control you can count on. We pride ourselves on providing the best and most cost effective custom woven wire mesh products available, and we also offer custom packaging for facilitated shipping and delivery.

More and more, builders, architects, and business owners are turning to custom woven wire mesh products for their beauty and effectiveness in many different applications, from security areas to high end architectural features. By combining the cost effective technology of custom weave mesh capabilities with top notch in-house fabrication services, Universal Wire Cloth is prepared to create any custom woven wire mesh products you need. Review our website and see if we have the stock wire cloth you need, or contact us to discuss your custom job today.



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