Everything You Need to Know About Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth

wire cloth

There are numerous industrial and commercial uses for wire mesh and wire cloth. These materials are used in industrial environments as protective guards and make up crucial screen components of separation and filtration systems. You can also use it for railing supports. In commercial settings, wire mesh is used in security solutions, architectural facades, and walkway guardrails. Additionally, these mesh panels and partitions are often parts of animal enclosures for protection. Wire cloth is great for filtering media and allowing ventilation while keeping out unwanted matter such as pests and insects. Applications that require more flexible materials with a smaller opening use Wire Cloth. Other industries that include wire mesh products are automotive, agriculture, mining, petrochemical, plastics, construction, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and more.

What is Wire Mesh?

Wire mesh is also called wire fabric or wire cloth depending on the application. The high versatility of the material is one of the reasons why it has thousands of different applications. It is exceptionally adaptable, making it possible for manufacturers to produce wire mesh to match countless specifications. The combination alone of the opening sizes and the diameter of the wires can result in limitless combinations. If you are looking for adaptable material you can customize to meet your organization’s specific requirements, start looking at wire mesh products.

Welded or Woven?
  • Welded wire mesh is made by using two low-carbon steel wires joined to each other at right angles, forming a square or rectangular opening. The wires are fused at each intersection. Welded wire mesh often uses stainless steel wires, too. If you’re shopping for durable welded mesh products, consider wire mesh panels.
  • Woven wire mesh, also called wire cloth, is made of two intersecting wire systems.
What are the Benefits of Wire Mesh?
  • Easy installation – Wire cloth is flexible, lightweight, and pliable. That makes it easy to install, handle, and insert. Wire Mesh is strong, durable, and rigid, making it perfect for security solutions. They both also work on flat surfaces.
  • Convenience – The material is often used as partitions. If you want to designate separate work positions or areas with ease but still ensure easy access, wire mesh gets the job done.
  • Visibility – Wire mesh is also used in warehouses to separate items while making them easy to spot. That allows for easy retrieval, reducing the time it takes for staff to pick up the inventory. With wire mesh products, you can ensure speedy retrievals and faster inventory checks.
  • Safety and Security – Wire mesh is used in fencing and guardrails to promote safety and security in both interior and exterior environments. Additionally, screens and guards can be fabricated to protect machinery and allow for ventilation.
  • Affordable – Depending on your application requirements, there are many wire mesh specifications available to achieve your goals that may be more cost-effective than other products, such as expanded or perforated metals.