What Are Architectural Grilles Used For? – Know Their Benefits and Common Uses

An architectural grille utilizing wire mesh is a metal panel that allows air passage to interior and exterior spaces. However, it is not only used as part of air control systems.

These metal panels are practical in different types of properties and buildings. Overall, they’re used to provide ventilation and allow air to flow freely.

Architectural grilles can also create a defensive barrier against unwanted traffic and limit visibility into specific areas.

Also, as their name suggests, these grilles serve architectural purposes, providing aesthetic flexibility and allowing specialists to enhance a building’s appearance while adding reliable functionality.

However, you may still have a question in mind: Why should you use architectural grilles?

Benefits of Architectural Grilles

As mentioned, Stainless Steel is available in a variety of grades.  These include Type 304, Type 316, and Type 430.  

As mentioned, architectural grilles can bring different benefits in terms of aesthetics and functionality to properties or buildings. These are the main ones:

Great Design

Architectural grilles utilizing wire mesh are designed with aesthetics in mind. Therefore, if used strategically, they can enhance a building’s appearance or be a decorative addition to a façade.


Moreover, these metal panels are often available in different varieties, sizes, and shapes.

When shopping for architectural grilles, you can find models made with different materials, coatings, and finishes. Therefore, they’re ideal for all kinds of projects.

Actually, these grilles are so versatile that they can meet all design and architectural requirements for almost any building.


Besides being made of solid, resistant, and durable materials, architectural grilles can be fabricated according to your project’s structural requirements.

If you want to make your custom wire mesh architectural grille, contact Universal Wire Cloth and provide your requirements for the best results.

Low Maintenance

Besides offering aesthetic benefits to buildings, architectural grilles don’t require regular maintenance. Therefore, they’re cost-effective design and functionality additions for most properties.

Also, depending on their materials, these grills will have corrosion-resistant properties, so you can be sure they will remain intact and in excellent condition for years. 

Different Uses for Architectural Grilles

From decorative treatment for building facades to ventilation or visibility protection in garages, they have many uses. These are some of them:


One of the main uses of architectural grilles is to provide ventilation or extract air from spaces. In these cases, they’re often part of an air device or system.

Depending on the model, these grills can provide variable airflow. The term linear bar grille, considered one of the basic models, usually has a rectangular or square face with bars fixed in one direction, for example. 

Although term linear bar grilles often have a louver adjuster, they provide straight airflow. 

However, other types of grilles offer different air patterns, including those with tilt bars that direct air into spaces at 16° or 30°. There are also some models that can be adjusted to have dual-direction blowing (straight and deflected).

Do you plan to install this material to bring heated or cooled air to your building’s spaces? Measure the area and consider its layout to make a better decision.

Limited Visibility

Architectural grilles can also be the ideal solution to limit visibility to certain areas. If you want to protect the equipment in your building, you may consider adding these items to your property.

When you choose the right model, these products can keep designated areas off-limits to the public, giving you the peace of mind you deserve, even if you’re not in the building.

Enhanced Security

Some architectural grilles are also designed to address property owners’ security concerns.  Wire Mesh is a great material to accomplish this goal.

Since they can block access to specific areas, wire mesh grilles can also prevent injury or misuse. Additionally, they enhance security in spaces with minimal supervision or those prone to vandalism.

Noise Control

Architectural grilles can also be strategically designed to reduce noise from the ductwork.

If you want to have calmer spaces to relax or rest, you can replace your old, noisy grille with a new architectural one.

Improved aesthetics

Finally, as mentioned, architectural grilles have been designed to offer architects and design specialists functional wire mesh solutions that favor the building’s aesthetics.

These panels can be manufactured in different materials, ranging from galvanized steel to bronze or copper. In addition, there are no limits in terms of design. Therefore, you can choose the specification that best improves your property’s appearance.

Among other advantages, they can blend with your building’s design, providing an aesthetically pleasing feature to its facade or adding a different touch to the overall look.

Final Thoughts

Architectural grilles can be great additions to almost any property, as they provide more than just aesthetic benefits.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, these grilles can be ideal solutions for various air circulation, noise, and safety problems!

Do you think wire mesh architectural grilles can favor your properties? Don’t hesitate to contact Universal Wire Cloth.

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