6 Must-Know Factors When Choosing a Wire Mesh Supplier

welded vs woven wire mesh

Supplier selection is critical to a business. Partnering with a suitable vendor can increase your revenue and improve your organization’s operational efficiency. Before choosing one, screening wire mesh providers is a crucial step. Here are factors you need to know to determine which supplier can provide for your needs.

Product Type

Look at the company’s product catalog. Wire Cloth and Wire Mesh are available in various material grades, opening sizes, and construction types. In the same manner, quality and dimension specifications are also important factors to consider. But not all suppliers carry wire mesh that meets your specifications. Look at the product selection to check which materials can meet your requirements.


Once you know what products the company supplies or manufactures, then you need to find out if they have inventory available and if they are able to meet your needs. It’s not enough that the supplier carries the materials you need. Can they provide enough of it? If you’re using wire mesh as a component for your operations, you’ll need to check if the company can supply the amount you need when you need it.


What services can you expect? Does the company offer cutting & shearing to size, slitting, disc stamping & notching, forming, welding, or edging services? If your material requires special packaging assistance, can the company help? Check if the supplier offers fabrication services and of what kind. Know the extent of services that the vendor can provide.


Does the company offer customization services? If you can’t find the material in stock, customized solutions can help. If the wire mesh is not available in the width you want or you need to change the disc diameter size, find a vendor that can easily provide custom options.

Industry Experience

How many years has the company been in business? In addition, you must check the various industries it serves. Does it have clients in the same niche or industry as your business? Ask them industry-specific questions to get a sense of the vendor’s industry knowledge and expertise. Do they just take your order or can they provide guidance and options that could potentially save you money?

Certifications and Standards

Does the company have proper certifications and quality standards? Are they a part of relevant industry associations and do they abide by industry standards? Those credentials mean that the vendor manufactures wire mesh solutions that you can feel confident in. If you want a supplier that can accommodate the unique needs of your organization, start looking for a vendor like Universal Wire Cloth Co. to fit the bill. Check their qualifications and credentials first.